This is where the creative magic happens! My studio, my sanctuary, the heart of my home. Well, actually my studio resides in the heart of our home, the kitchen! My studio is in the breakfast banquet of our kitchen. Yup all 6x11 feet of it is all mine! Don't laugh, I love it- now!

It was a bit of an adjustment at first. You can see that there is virtually no wall space just windows. The 3rd wall is a cut out that opens in to our sun room. Also the entire perimeter of the space has built-in seating. Taking them out is not an option, and neither is having a conventional desk or furniture that actually sits on the floor!

Now, something you should know about me is that if it's free, it's for me! And that's exactly what the cubby holders that house my fabric stash cost me! I found it on the side of the road! At the time, it was one solid piece. My wonderful husband cut it in half for me so that I could put it on the built in benches! Viola!

Tons of storage, perfect for my fabric stash and the total cost for me, nothing! I will go as far as to say that 85% of the fabric you see in the cubbies were thrift store purchases that I brought home and deconstructed! How's that for being "green".

The barrister bookcase at the end of my studio space is the only piece of furniture that actually sits on the floor! It was free too! A friend bought it for me at a yard sale. It sat in our shed outside for about 3 years before we moved it to our cellar when our home was finished being built! It sat there for almost 2 years before I had a light bulb moment and brought it upstairs!

I couldn't believe it had taken me so long to use it! It was a perfect fit! It looks amazing filled with larger pieces of my wool fabric and as a display for some of my most personal and treasured collectibles!

The large cubby hole drawer piece was a gift from my Mom!  She is thriftier than I am and has taught me everything I know! The piece cost less than $30.00 and is another one of my prized possessions!

It holds all of my Perle cotton threads, ribbons, glues, needles, the list goes on and on... As does the assortment of items I use to decorate my office.  My studio inspires me!

 I am a work in progress, much like the things I create, the home I make for my  family and the way I choose to live my life!