A Burlap Tassel- There is beauty in simplicity

I love tassels. 
They look great anywhere, are easy to make and well...
...they are beautiful!

I made this tassel from several printed burlap ribbons.
My favorite one is the ruler stamped ribbon.
  Here's how simple it is to make a tassel! 

As I stated, I chose burlap ribbons, 4 different ones in varying widths. 
I used a jute twine for the wrapping around of the tassel and the hanging loops.
 I chose a 6" clipboard to wrap the ribbons around.
 It's sturdy and won't bend. 

 That's about all you need!
 See- so simple.

I took several strands of the jute and taped them to the clipboard.
I like a full and chubby tassel, so I wound the ribbon

approximately 6x's around the clipboard.

When I finished winding the ribbons, I took the ends of the twine
 that I had taped down to the clipboard and tied a very tight knot.
 To form the "head" of the tassel, I firmly wrapped the twine
 about 1" down from the top and then tied it off.

 Once the top of the tassel is knotted
and wrapped, there is only one last thing to do.
Take a pair of scissors and cut through
the bottom loops of your tassel.
 Oh and give it a good shake!
Have I mentioned that I love tassels!
 This is only one of many materials to use in making a tassel.
What would you use?
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
I truly appreciate it!
Come back soon-