I am obsessed with cubby drawer storage cabinets. I have to have them!
 They are my one weakness when I am out and about thrift shopping!
Seriously, would you pass these up?

  Truth be told, I almost...OK, I NEVER find cubby cabinets looking
like these when I am thrift shopping.

 This is the state I normally find my cubby treasures.
Not so pretty...actually...pretty shabby.

But...that's all right with me!
 What a difference a little imagination and creativity can do to
transform these thrift store finds in to one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

My inspiration for this cabinet makeover was a plethora of small
drawer pulls that I had accumulated and a desire to try decoupaging with scrapbook paper rather than paint each drawer individually.

The inspiration for this cabinet is pretty obvious. If you are like me,
Judy Blume was the go-to author for girls coming of age in the late 70's.

 I had quite an emotional response to this project. 
I loved these books as a young girl. I had many of these very same books.  
I went through boxes that had been packed for many years 
and found my Judy Blume books.

You can see that these books were loved. 
 I considered the characters in Judy Blumes books my best friends.

This particular cubby drawer makeover is my favorite.

I added wheels to give the piece a more industrial feel and large
stainless steel cup hooks for the drawer pulls.
The cup hooks as drawer pulls give an almost unobstructed view
of the book covers while still allowing access to each drawer.

Both cubby drawer cabinets turned out better than I could have hoped.

The best part of making over thrift shop finds is that it doesn't
have to cost a lot of money. Both projects were literally done
with things I already had in my "stash" of craft room goodies.

Don't just decorate-
De-create your life and home!

 Thanks for stopping by to take a look at what I create
when I am left to my imagination!

Come back soon!



 I love vintage and retro images.
Today I thought I would share some of my favorite
vintage Halloween clip art with you!
These two vintages beauties are postcards
dating back to the 1920's.
This little witchy lady below reminds me
of a Norman Rockwell-esque style painting.
She is a cutie!
Vintage Halloween clip art has such a playful
and innocent look to it.
It's hard to imagine that back in the day
when these images were created,
that there was no photo or art editing software.
It was simply an artist and his talent!
These are just a few of my favorite Halloween clip art images.
Please feel free to click and save them to your computer!
Thanks for stopping by- Pam


Halloween has fast become one of those holidays that isn't
just about the trick or treating, but has more to do with all the ways
you can decorate(or as I like to say, "dec-create") your home!
In my front hall hangs one of my most favorite handcrafted pieces,
a happy Halloween wool banner!
While easy to make-
 it also makes a great statement!

Here I designed and created a cute little pumpkin pillow.
This wool pillow is fun and while it was made
for the Halloween season, it would work in
your home décor right through Thanksgiving!

 Another great handcrafted addition to our Halloween décor is this table runner.
This year I branched out of my comfort zone
of working with wool and sewing to try something new!
I created this vintage-inspired Halloween clock!
The clock began its life as a simple and non-descript country style clock.
(Before and after photos can be seen at the end of this post)
I happen to think it turned out phenomenal!
This vignette is one of my favorites and also includes another
one of my signature wool banners!

One of the things I most enjoy about being creative and using
my imagination, is that there really isn't anything you can't create!
I have always loved the look and lure of the Ouija board.  I immediately
thought that I should make one from wool, of course!
It can be used as either a wall hanging or table scape!
What do you think?
Now I think you will agree,(that is if you are over the age of 40),
that no Halloween is complete until you have watched
Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin on tv.
Here is my homage to Charlie Brown and the gang!
The spider web is another great Halloween home décor item
that I created with wool!
Well that's a little sneak peak in to how we handcraft the home for Halloween!
I believe that when you take something you have made with your own two hands and a bit of imagination, you have an opportunity to "dec-create" and design something really spectacular for your home!
Don't forget to take a look below at the before and after photos
of the vintage inspired Halloween clock.
And...if you like what you see, most of what I have created 
will be for sale soon, along with a plethora of other
figments from my imagination, in my new Etsy store!
Yes, after a lot of hemming and hawing,
I am ready to take my work to the next level!
Come back soon!

A Burlap Tassel- There is beauty in simplicity

I love tassels. 
They look great anywhere, are easy to make and well...
...they are beautiful!

I made this tassel from several printed burlap ribbons.
My favorite one is the ruler stamped ribbon.
  Here's how simple it is to make a tassel! 

As I stated, I chose burlap ribbons, 4 different ones in varying widths. 
I used a jute twine for the wrapping around of the tassel and the hanging loops.
 I chose a 6" clipboard to wrap the ribbons around.
 It's sturdy and won't bend. 

 That's about all you need!
 See- so simple.

I took several strands of the jute and taped them to the clipboard.
I like a full and chubby tassel, so I wound the ribbon

approximately 6x's around the clipboard.

When I finished winding the ribbons, I took the ends of the twine
 that I had taped down to the clipboard and tied a very tight knot.
 To form the "head" of the tassel, I firmly wrapped the twine
 about 1" down from the top and then tied it off.

 Once the top of the tassel is knotted
and wrapped, there is only one last thing to do.
Take a pair of scissors and cut through
the bottom loops of your tassel.
 Oh and give it a good shake!
Have I mentioned that I love tassels!
 This is only one of many materials to use in making a tassel.
What would you use?
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
I truly appreciate it!
Come back soon-

ST. PATRICK'S DAY MARQUEE- "Kiss me I'm Irish"

I wanted to make something a little bit different
 this year for St. Patrick's day to display in our home.
I would say that this project qualifies.
I have wanted to make a marquee sign for what seems
like forever. And being who I am, and never having made
 a marquee sign before, thought I would jump right in and give it a try.
"Kiss me I'm Irish", popped in to my head.
 So, naturally, a pair of lips seemed like
a good idea to make. 
There are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest that will guide you
 step-by-step.  Though I had a pretty good idea how to create
 my marquee sign, I did find the website 
to be incredibly helpful!
  I chose to use an inexpensive sheet of foam core. 
 I drew a pair of lips and cut them out with a box cutter.
I wanted the marquee sign(or lips if you will) to be green
and glittery in honor of St. Patrick's day.
I was able to purchase a set of 24 led battery operated lights
from my local Michaels craft store.
The sides of the marquee sign was constructed from
glitter card stock that was cut in to 3" strips and hot glued around
the entire perimeter.
I have to admit it- I think it came out fabulous!
And it looks amazing on my mantle.
I truly believe that left to my imagination, I can make anything
and so can you!
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!
Come back soon-



I feel lucky to have unearthed this sweet little treasure 
while sifting through a box of old Popular Science
and Popular Mechanics magazines 
my husband brought home one day. 
I believe it's now my responsibility to share the book with all of you.
Feel free to save the pages to your computer.
Perhaps you'll find a creative way to re-invent and re-imagine
the precious pictures from this children's book and pass them on.
I certainly intend to-

This cloth book was published by the Whitman Publishing Co.
of Racine, Wisconsin and copyrighted in 1955.

 The Tiny Tots cloth children's book is made up of
8 adorable images that are printed back to back on what feels
like a flexible canvas material. They have the look
of water color paintings.
 The book is zigzag stitched along the
binding of the book, securing the pages together.
 You can see the stitching here on this particular page.

The colors of the images inside this book
are truly amazing when you consider the fact
that this children's book is approximately 60 years old!

You have to marvel at how a children's book that is so old
and made of cloth has survived for so many years.
The book shows natural wear and tear.
It has obviously been read and loved by a child.
I will be sure to share with you how I choose to reuse the
pictures from this darling book.
 Please send me your re-imaginations. I would love to see what 
you create!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
Come back soon- PAM