Pincushions- The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Pincushions aren't just for sticking pins in to anymore!
It began with the quote below- I have been carrying it with me for years.
 I knew I needed to create something so that I could be inspired
on a daily basis by those words.
I love quotes, sayings, phrases and words. Phraseology art allows me
to combine a few of my many creative obsessions together
to create something inspirational and unique.
In this case it all came together in the form of pincushions!
I gathered a couple of my favorite quotes that I felt best inspired me
in the craft room.  I then searched for the perfect vintage images on
The Graphics, combined the words and images together
and printed them out on to linen fabric.
The frames are from Michaels craft store,
 a crafter's favorite creative resource!
All it took was a bit of creative embellishments..
 pearls, rhinestones, flowers and tinsel to decorate
the store bought frames along with a bit
of fiberfill stuffing to fill the pincushions....
...add some handcrafted pins and there you go!
 I feel part of being a creative woman is looking at the ordinary
and creating the extraordinary!
Thanks for stopping by-
Come back soon!