I am so excited! 
If you are as obsessed with vintage ephemera as I am,
then you will love this free printable collage sheet that
is here for you!

Believe it or not,
these cutie pies were originally vintage valentine's day cards!

Take a look at the side-by-side BEFORE and AFTER comparisons
to see how dramatic the difference is...

Pretty amazing transformation wouldn't you say?

I am speechless still- at the results.
And all of it was accomplished with picmonkey.
It is my go-to free photo editing website.
I highly recommend it!

See, I look at vintage ephemera and can 
appreciate what the artist created them for originally.  

But I can also see that by altering and tweaking the pictures just a little bit, 
they become "new" vintage images. 

Follow me here-
 Originally, these images were created to be valentine's day cards, correct?!
 But NOW-
they can be used for any little creative idea
that you can think up...

The possibilities are endless!

Well, there you have it!
I could go on and on about how exciting I believe the future of vintage ephemera is going to be to us crafty creative types!
But I will stop here-
I hope you enjoy these "new" vintage images
and find lots of fabulous ways to use them.

And, if I may add, I'd love it if you would share with me what you do
with my little cutie pies!

Go ahead, right click (you know how this goes) and save it to your computer!