I stopped somewhere this morning while driving home from dropping
my son off at work.  I'll be honest, I have thought about stopping to take a closer look at this place for oh...just 15 years or so, but never did- until this morning. Why I stopped today of all days I can't tell you. In fact I drove past it, and then had an overwhelming urge to turn around and go back.

This is the place I'm talking about- It looks amazing! Of course that is if you like old, abandoned, and barely visible buildings- which I do! Add in an obsession I have with lost, forgotten and old junk- and I have discovered the Holy Grail!

I have to say being up close now, the building held more mystery and intrigue.  I realize I must sound like a "geek" or "weirdo", but things like this building for instance fascinate me. I actually found the overgrowth and weeds covering the area to make the old place seem magical...

You can see from this angle that the front door is propped open as if this building were frozen in time and looking exactly as it did the day this business closed forever. Now I AM intrigued.

So I did the only thing that any nosey possibly trespassing passer-by would do. I walked up to the front door. I wanted a closer look. I  have to admit, I was feeling a bit giddy inside. The suspense was building. Can you feel it? It's not just me, is it? 

Trying to look through the window to see inside, I have so many questions going through my mind. Who owns this building? Why did it close? When did it close? Why is it still filled with junk and possibly(?) priceless goodies? Well, you get the idea. And the funny thing is, I'm actually talking to myself- out loud!

I'll admit I have mixed emotions staring inside this abandoned building that was once a store. It was definitely jam-packed with "stuff". Now whether it was stuff that was worth anything or not is another story. All I can tell you is that looking inside the window I was fascinated more than ever with this abandoned building!

It wasn't until I was walking back to my car that I even noticed that there was an old sign on the side of the building. It read- "Country Farms Store." The sign was hidden behind the overgrowth. But it still had its charm and felt a little like a secret about this building had been revealed to me.

 Like I said, I'm not sure what made me finally stop and take a closer look at this building today. But I'm so glad that I did!  I can say without a doubt, that I am more curious than ever about this building. And what fun it was to be able to share my mini-adventure with you.

If there's a place that you pass every day and know little to nothing about, I say go for it! Stop your car.  And if it's safe and you're not breaking any trespassing laws, wander around, take some pictures. Who knows what you might learn. 

Oh and share them with me! I'd love to hear about it!


If you have ever thought about taking a trip to the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show in Brimfield Massachusetts, all I have to say is- GO! Do it!
I finally put my personal motto for the year 2016- "NO FEAR" in to action and went this past May for the very first time!

After 25 years of talking about going to one of the biggest and best antique, collectibles and flea markets in the country, I decided there was going to be no better time than right now to go! I put all my fears and apprehensions aside, got in the car, alone, and drove(only a measly 1 1/2 hours away mind you, compared to some people that travel cross country)to what I believe is the pot of gold at the end of any true junk loving, trash to treasure seeking, antique and collectible lovers rainbow!

I was setting out bound and determined to show "NO FEAR" and fully experience the first personal adventure I've had in years. I could do this! I was doing this- and no one was more proud of me than...ME!

My adrenaline was pumping the minute I entered the town of Brimfield and saw all the tents filled with merchandise lining the street! And the people-holy cow!
Brimfield is a small town located in Central Massachusetts. But for 6 days, 3 times a year in May, July and September, Brimfield turns in to the mecca of flea markets! Tales have been told about Brimfield, TV shows(Flea market Flip) have been taped in Brimfield, and die-hard collectors of "anything and everything" have been returning to Brimfield for over 40 years! Here I was a newbie, a mere babe in the woods, dipping my toes in and testing the waters of what I hoped would be the first of many trips to Brimfield!

But, first things first. I had to find parking , legal parking(that is extremely important to remember)before all the sights, sounds, treasures, and people distracted me further or caused me to have an accident. Focus Pam.

Here's where I found a parking spot. For $10.00 I could park here all day safely, and well, I don't think there was much of a chance that my car would be stolen! My car barely made it up the steep and winding hills of this families field. I finally found a spot at the very back of their property.

I could try and describe to you what it is like to be among all the people in a place that has so many things that you would probably never see anywhere else. But you know what? You really have to experience it for yourself- be in the thick of it, to truly appreciate what Brimfield is all about. It was surreal to me and I was there experiencing it first hand.

I was astonished to realize while walking around Brimfield and feeling a little "junk drunk", that Brimfield isn't all about pricey antiques. I would say that there are probably more vendors that had a mixture of antiques and "good" junk than vendors that only specialized in high end period antiques.  There is definitely plenty for EVERYONE- and then some!

Oh the things I coulda-woulda-shoulda- done when I was younger.

The Traveling Spectacular tent seen here had an amazing array of what I would consider to be "newer" vintage! The tent is packed with things that aren't as old as some of the stuff you will find at Brimfield, but it's all going to make you smile and remember back to your own childhood. I found myself saying more than once, "I had that!" "I wish I had kept that!" "Look what that is worth today!"  The part I enjoyed the most about The Traveling Spectacular tents were the owners, kids in their 20's. They were dressed up in frilly tutu's, top hats, vintage styled dresses and looked absolutely adorable! I didn't get a picture of them but I will make a note to self-to remember to take a picture next time!

The next stall I came across had my mouth watering and my jaw dropping. I happen to be obsessed with repurposing objects in to lighting, lamps and chandeliers. So when I stumbled on to these troughs filled with fixtures and sockets, I was jealous! So much junk and all in one spot! Heaven on earth!

Every aisle, each and every single tent is filled with wonderful people and items! I found myself nearly hyperventilating, I was so excited and wide-eyed at all the great stuff there was to see and...BUY! One day is not enough time to do Brimfield justice! I can see why it's a vacation destination for so many people.

In fact, being that it was my first time at Brimfield, I wasn't thinking about writing a blog post about my experience. So I didn't take a lot of pictures. I couldn't concentrate on being mindful of taking photographs with the intention of writing a blog post! I was in a euphoric "high" just wandering around, talking to the most gracious people and ogling all the treasures that I was surrounded by at every turn.

I have to say that my most favorite dealer of the day was this lady!
I was so enamored with her dolls and assemblage that I completely forgot to get her business card. I am definitely making a point of visiting her tent again!

Each junk doll assemblage had its own personality. They told a story and were absolutely beautiful! The red lips and red hair on this sweet girl was my favorite!

All in all, my first time, my one day at Brimfield, was well worth the trip. But what I hadn't expected were the number of truly sweet, kind and friendly people that I would meet that day.

Everyone that I came across whether they were there as a vendor, run a food truck, park your car, or at Brimfield to shop, like me, had big smiles. And being that I was there alone, with no one to talk to or walk around with, I have to say that I never felt alone. In fact if during a brief conversation with someone, I told them it was my first trip to Brimfield,  I was made to feel even more special as they congratulated me, asked how I liked it so far and wished me well and hoped they would see me again!

I can honestly say that having seen the pot of gold-at the end of the rainbow in Brimfield, I will be back! I will take more pictures, talk to more people and most definitely buy more things!

Consider this to be the first chapter of many that I will post- about going to the "show"...The Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles show!

I'm thinking September is a good time to go- and stay overnight!