Who knew fabric twine was a thing?!
I didn't. I had absolutely no idea that you could take random scraps
of fabric(of which I have plenty) and make an entirely new raw material!
Well, while perusing Pinterest, I stumbled across a number of super
easy tutorials to make this stuff and thought I would give it a go!

Fabric twine is awesome! Oh-my-goodness, just the process of constructing
the twine from the scraps of fabric is hypnotic and relaxing.
Before I knew it, I had literally made yards and yards
of the twine without even having paid attention to what I was doing.
It's THAT easy!

Now I had to find something to do with it all!

I'm a huge fan of sewing items and ephemera. So the first thing that came
to mind to make for the twine were wooden spools.
I thought this would make a decorative display for all the twine.

I took wood dowels and cut them to different lengths.
Then I purchased round wooden discs from my local craft store and cut a hole in the center
to push through the wood dowels and glue them securely.

I stained, painted and basically distressed the dowels and spool ends.
To give the spools a more decorative look, I decoupaged scrapbook papers
to the ends and dry brushed them with stain and paint to
give an overall vintagey (yes, that's a word- to me) look to the spools.

I think they look great!
I now have a place to decoratively store and display
all the twine I find myself making.

Well...I couldn't just stop at wooden spools. Displaying
the twine is nice but what could I actually "do" with it?

That was something I could try doing with fabric twine.

A simple lap loom that I already owned  a spool of
fabric twine and well, the possibilities are endless as to
what you can make.

Weaving with the fabric twine is quite simple and the random color variation
that you achieve from twisting all the fabrics together give the weaving
a very "rag rug" type style.

Great idea don't you think?

Let me share one more thing I tried with the fabric twine.

I purchased this cute chandelier at a thrift store. Love the style of the chandelier,
but pretty much unhappy with the look of it. It was crying out for a make-over.

Now, I happen to love lampshades. OK, I happen to love collecting
them and stripping them down to their wire metal frames is a more
accurate statement. And that is what I did here with the lampshades
from the chandelier

I simply weaved the twine in and out of the wire
lampshade frames. I would have to say they went
from ordinary to extraordinary!

So, after a new coat of paint on the chandelier
and little creative fabric twine transformation to the lampshades,
I have a brand new chandelier hanging in my craft studio.

Thank you fabric twine!

Fabric twine. I am a fan!

And I've only touched on a few of the hundreds
of creative possibilities for using fabric twine.
Take a look at Pinterest.
It is FILLED with a lot more ideas
than just the 3 I showed you!

I hope you give fabric twine a try.

But let me leave you with this...

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look!


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